Visual and Performance Artist Ilona Kivijärvi

My time in Conteporary Art

Selected pieces of artworks & performances  since 2000 to 2020



How my works are created


All that I do at any given time lives in my mind like a kaleidoscope.


Imagination, intuition and methods compact and simplify the essentials into an idea.


I find it exciting to develop my own ways of working and in finding new solutions to various pictorial problems. This practically means changing the contents of my palette whenever I feel like it. Contemporary art itself can be anything. That is liberating.


On the other hand, a simple method is always the best method. The artist adapts it to his/her own needs and refines the methods over the years. Whether it’s good to be recognizable and predictable is everyone’s choice. At least being sure would be boring. One can focus on one topic, or technique, and do it in a wealth of ways. Versatility is of perspective.